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Over $5,000 raised in our Annual Rummage Sales for Back to School for our kids in the community... THANK YOU!

Thank you!....

Everyone at Emilio Inc is dedicated to helping support our community. 

Mental Health Awareness


"Attending Challenge Day I learned that there are ways to help make things better for teens. A way for them to see each other on a different level, empathize with peers, to recognize their own behavior that contributes to hurting others,lessen bullying, to teach them how to be kinder and more understanding. Teens learn better coping skills and learn they are not alone in the difficulties. Challenge Day also helps to identify teens who may need extra help in a variety of ways. In addition adults learn a new perspective on what teens are facing day  in and day out. A new view for adults on how to be supportive and get a clearer understanding of  what it is like to be a teen today. Things are so different.

There hasn’t been a more powerful tool that I have seen, attended, or read about that has a bigger impact and ability to make a change than Challenge Day. Challenge Day is  the key to making our schools exceed expectations and be what we all need them to be. Challenge Day in my opinion should be mandatory for all schools, it helps everyone to be better and understand!"    Jennifer Hoffman

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